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We make travel health and hygiene easy, because life is complicated, travel shouldn't be. Born out of necessity, Travel Safety Kits take out the worry & guess work giving you peace of mind to travel "refreshed"

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Plane It Safe - Travel Safety Kit

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Life is stressful enough and now you have Covid-19. We make life easy so you can stay HAPPY & HEALTHY.

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  • Convenience & Quality

    High quality product in the patent pending Travel Safety Kit. Saving you time, money and delivering peace of mind.

  • TSA Compliant

    Refreshed Traveler products are all TSA compliant so can travel worry free with today's essentials for good hygiene and healthy travel.

  • 10% of Profits to Charity

    Every Refreshed Traveler product does more than protect you with the best travel safety & wellness products. We give 10% to charity for mental health (