We invented the PPE Kit before Covid was a thing because TSA bins are GROSS, Planes do not get cleaned, and sick people FLY!


Superior Quality & Protection

We Invented the Travel Safety Kit. Why? Because nothing existed to protect the most vulnerable. The immunocompromised, health-conscious customers. We are Eco-Friendly, FDA and TSA Approved. The only Travel Kit invented before the pandemic.

Grab & Go

Life is stressful enough and now we live in a world with Covid-19 & all its variants. We take the guess work out to help make life a little better, so you can stay HAPPY & HEALTHY.

Stay protected/Save Money when you get today's tops health, wellness, and safety products delivered to your door.


Peace of Mind & Protection

Refreshed Traveler products provide convenience and comfort for people who want to stay healthy on the go by offering high-quality, FDA approved and TSA compliant products. 

The Travel Safety Kit is your All-In-One Travel Essential. Keeping you and your family safe and protected no matter where you go.

  • Perfect for School

    High quality product, Convenience in an Eco-friendly reusable bag, make the Travel Safety Kit a MUST HAVE for students and teachers.

  • TSA Compliant

    Refreshed Traveler products are TSA compliant to make travel stress free.

  • Giving Back

    Every Refreshed Traveler product does more than protect you with the best travel safety & wellness products. We give 10% to charity for mental health (LargestHeart.org)

I LOVE My Travel Safety Kit

"I'm always a bit anxious to fly, and I wanted to be sure I had everything I needed to keep myself as protected as possible against Covid, as well as any other viruses, that I could easily pass-through security. My kit gave me this and more! It had a packaged face mask, a travel size aloe infused hand sanitizer, a travel size pack of antibacterial wet wipes, a travel size tissue pack and came in a TSA carry-on compliant reusable bag. I was able to easily access my sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to keep my area as clean as possible, and I had no issues carrying it through security. This kit includes everything you need to travel safely and minimize your risk of illness. The reusable bag it came in kept these items clean and safe and I ended up reusing my kit on another trip. It's a great way to store items and I am currently using my bag to store my facemasks in my car, so it really has been the bag that keeps on giving." Meghan, Albany, New York