5 tips to reduce stress when you travel

5 tips to reduce stress when you travel

By Helena Bester


There is no need to stress!

Traveling can be stressful, no matter what method of transportation you choose or where you plan to go. There is always the fear of the unknown – and something can go wrong.   We’ve all heard travel stories that made our hair stand up.


‘Have I forgotten something essential?’   ‘Do I have everything I need?’  ‘What if I get stranded at the airport?’  It is no wonder that anxiety can build if one starts to overthink.  


Here are a few travel tips from us at the Refreshed Traveller. There is no need to stress if you follow our advice.    


  1. The secret lies in the planning


Pre-planning to reduce travel stress


As with almost everything in life, one can significantly reduce your stress levels if one familiarizes yourself with what will happen and plans accordingly.    


Pre-planning eases your mind as the possibility of surprises is significantly reduced. Yes, something can still come up, but if you’ve got all your other ducks in a row, the wayward duck can easily be nudged back in line.


Some things to think about are:


  • Your budget for travel
  • Booking flights and accommodation beforehand
  • Are any vaccinations needed in the destination you are planning to visit?
  • Keeping an electronic copy of all your important documents
  • A backup credit- or ATM card that you keep separate in your luggage.
  • Packing ahead of time so that you don’t rush at the last minute and forget the necessary things.


This is not an exhaustive list!   Many resources on the Internet can help you with your planning.   Take an hour or two to make a planning list – you’ll find it well worth your while.  


  1. Yes, the good ol’ checklist.


Check it off.


We know, we know. Your mom drilled it into you from a young age, but really, if even you are not a ‘list’ person in the everyday humdrum, at least try it when you plan to travel.   


Making a list can be a great stress reliever. It helps you to focus on one task at a time instead of the overwhelming mission to try and think of ‘everything’ at once.   


A list can also help to put things in perspective. For example, what is the most important and what can be left for later?   Remember to tick off the items as you go along.


  1. Keep your travel destination in mind.


The beach or the city?


Are you going just to one place, or are you planning to visit a few places?   The answer can influence your planning greatly.   


Staying in one place means a slower pace and time to get used to your surroundings.   Perhaps you won’t need to pre-plan as extensively as you would have for quick stops. On the other hand, if you have a lot on your itinerary, it makes sense to think things through and for example, pre-book your accommodation.   


An island holiday obviously also means you will pack differently than an intercity jaunt. Be sure to check the weather forecast in advance to pack smart.


  1. You’ll get nowhere fast without documentation.


This is essential.


We are talking passports, travel tickets, proof of accommodation reservations, medical records, and Covid-related documentation.   


Make sure you have everything on hand in a folder or within easy reach on your person.    Losing your documentation or not having an essential item is one of the most stressful things for a traveler.   Make sure you don’t get a surprise!


  1. Transportation at your destination.




Keep in mind that when traveling by train or plane, you will need other forms of transportation to get around once you have arrived at your destination. Do your research properly.


Will you rent a car or travel by taxi, bus, or Uber? You can significantly reduce your stress levels if you research bus schedules beforehand, find a local taxi service or download the Uber app. Remember, if you know what you will do (and how) your anxiety levels will drop.



Remember to breathe!   


After all, traveling is exciting.   Be open to the possibility that something most probably can go wrong somewhere - it would be impossible to control every little thing.


So, follow our tips to reduce traveling stress, but for the rest? It is what makes for the best travel stories!


The Refreshed Traveler has everything you need for a stress-free trip.   Our products and travel safety kits can keep you safe, healthy, and protected, no matter where you plan to go.   Be sure to include our health and wellness products in your travel checklist!   Find our kit collection here.


Bonus – Deep Breathing is an ancient practice that gaining renewed interest as it’s known to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and help with mental clarity. It is a great tool, that’s FREE and you can do it anytime on any trip. Our Favourite is the Wim Hof Technique: www.wimhofmethod.com/