Back to school – why should you pack a Refreshed Traveler Safety Kit?

Back to school – why should you pack a Refreshed Traveler Safety Kit?

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The new normal

Covid-19 has changed our world.   


Not only do we now have several new words and phrases in our general conversations, but we all have a new wardrobe staple – our masks.  


We 'social distance' to 'flatten the curve.'  You can be 'asymptomatic,' and you should avoid 'super-spreader' events.   We ‘self-isolate’ and attend to our ‘hand hygiene.'


Experts say that it is unlikely that we will ever fully return to our ‘old normal.’  


Luckily, entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers (and we at Refreshed Traveler!) were ahead of the pandemic to give people solutions to successfully battle- and slow the spread of the virus.





Back to School in 2021


Protect yourself


The ‘Plane it Safe’ Traveler Safety Kit is Refreshed Traveler’s answer to the back-to-school jitters.   After weeks of relative freedom, our kids are now back in large groups and more vulnerable to Covid-19.   


Although everyone is used to wearing masks by this time, the type of mask you wear is very important to protect yourself.


At Refreshed Traveler, we believe every mask you and your children wear should be a 4-ply carbon filter face mask.


Why is 4-ply best?


4-ply masks have an extra layer of protection.   The Refreshed Traveler masks boast an additional activated carbon filter that provides maximum safety and comfort to the user.   Not only would your kids be 100% protected against any pesky viruses, but the masks are also easy to breathe through and splash-resistant.   


Quality PPE products


Have it all


At Refreshed Traveler, we are proud of our high-quality PPE products designed to keep families safe.   Our Travel Safety Kit has it all:   a 4-ply mask, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wet wipes, and a 10-pack soft tissues.   (See the kit here.)


The handy packaging is see-through but sturdy to withstand backpack wear and tear.  At just under $10, it is the perfect grab-and-go essential for pupils from first grade to sophomore this school year.


The ‘Plane it Safe’ Traveler Safety Kit is not just for kids.   Teachers, parents, college students, and grandparents will all find it handy to have all their Covid-essentials together in one safety kit.  


Of course, 'Plane it Safe is a wordplay on ‘Play it safe’ aimed at air travel.   Therefore, grab this kit before you travel:  it is easy, convenient, and has your safety in mind.




‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,' Jordan tells Daisy in The Great Gatsby.


The back-to-school window each year is its own kind of new year.   


It spells new beginnings, and the school schedules shape those of us with children's personal lives each year.   It is so easy to get caught up between the overhype of summer and the more regular routine of work and school.


Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the new school year catch you unawares!   The Refreshed Traveler ‘Plane it Safe’ Safety Kit is the perfect go-to for your school Covid-19 needs.   


We also have a bulk Health Group selection for those in busy families who want to be prepared – and then forget about it.  This option gives you all the ‘Plane it safe’ products, but in multiple-format.


From all of us at Refreshed Traveler:  All the best for the new school year!