Is it safe to fly again?

 Is it safe to fly again?



We say ‘yes!’


Covid-19 and its Omicron variant, first detected in late November last year, caused travel uncertainty worldwide.   However, here we are in May 2022, and the 'stay home, stay safe' mantra is not the prevalent saying anymore. As more people get the Covid-19 vaccine, travel is getting safer by the day.   So, if simple precautions are taken, individuals and families can start traveling again.



People with increased risk


However, older adults and people with cancer, heart problems, or a weakened immune system may be at an increased risk of getting severely ill from Covid. If such persons should travel, it increases the chance that they could get the virus.   Getting vaccinated can help lower the risk, but at-risk individuals should always think twice about air travel. Be sure to talk to your health care provider and ask about additional precautions that you might need to take.


Precautions if you feel ready to pull on your travel boots again.


  1. Get vaccinated.


We can't stress it enough! Vaccinated travelers who continually wear their masks should be ok if they wish to fly again.   There is a considerable difference regarding the severeness of Covid-19 in a vaccinated person and someone who has never been vaccinated.   An unvaccinated person will likely get much sicker if faced with the Omicron virus or a new variant thereof.  


  1. Focus on the airport, not the flight


Some experts mean that the riskiest part of air travel is the time before and after flights and not while you are sitting in the airplane.   It doesn’t make sense to pull your mask down while you’re standing in line at the airport security, only to get serious about it on the flight. By that time, you already might have been infected.


  1. Upgrade your mask


Wearing a high-quality facemask is a definite prerequisite if you wish to fly again. These facemasks from the Refreshed Traveler, for instance, give you four layers of protection.   A unique 4-ply carbon filter design protects against Covid 19 but also dust, allergens, and more.


To be extra safe, the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention even recommends that people wear two masks – a disposable one underneath and a fabric mask on top.   


You can also try the ‘knot and tuck.’  Knot the ear loops of your mask to eliminate extra space and tuck the excess material in for a close, secure fit.


Pack these essential air travel supplies:


When it is time to pack for your trip, face masks, tissues, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes are essential items for air travel.   Find all you need from the Refreshed Traveler here.   


When not to travel


You should always put the safety of your family and others first. If it means that you must set aside your travel plans, so be it. Stay home if:


  • You or any of your travel partners have signs and symptoms of Covid-19 or have been diagnosed with the virus.
  • You had close contact with someone who was sick within the last five days.
  • You are waiting for the results of a Covid-19 test.




Check before you leave


Remember that some state and local governments have additional requirements when you travel by air.   For instance, people had to stay isolated for a while after arrival at the height of the pandemic. So, be sure to check the requirements at your destination before you leave.


Requirements can change at short notice, so you might need to check for updates as your trip gets closer.     


If you keep to these terms, it is perfectly safe to fly again. So, why not go and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime?