Staying safe at your travel destination

Staying safe at your travel destination

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A trip to do something different

Travel is wonderful if you are stuck in a rut or yearning for something exciting.   It is a way of testing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. In addition, travel lets you discover your resourcefulness, whether finding your way around a busy city or ordering a meal where you don’t understand the language.   


However wonderful the experiences, it is also important to be alert and safe when you arrive at your travel destination.     This blog gives you some tips.  


Don’t tell everyone where you are


Geotagging on pictures


Sharing what you’re doing or where you are online and on social media can be a huge ‘go-ahead’ for thieves to time a crime, whether at your home while you are not there or in person. Instead, make it a rule to only post about your trip once safely home.


Staying Covid-safe in your hotel room.


Do the basics


Yes, Covid is still with us. It doesn't hurt to be safe.   Here's how you can stay Covid-safe in your rented accommodation:


  • Ask for a room that has not been occupied lately.This can minimize your risk of transmission significantly if nobody has been in your room lately. Unfortunately, the option is not always available, but you can try asking for it.
  • Remember to pack the ‘new essentials.’ Of course, we are talking about your hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and masks.   The Refreshed Traveler makes it easy for you with our different travel options. 
  • Disinfect!Take a moment to disinfect the high touch points in your room, such as door handles, telephones, remote controls, toilet handles, and light switches.
  • Let the air circulate.Open the windows in your guest room to increase fresh airflow.
  • Avoid areas where too many people gather.If you can help it, it may be best still to avoid hotel gyms, buffets, or public bathrooms.   


Interestingly, pre-Covid, the trend was for guests not to see cleaning in hospitality. It had to be magic! Today, accommodation venues are purposefully making cleaning visible, so guests know they are doing it.


Transportation issues at your destination.


Safe local travels


Part of staying safe in a foreign country is knowing which transportation options are available to you. Be sure to research your ground transportation.   Do taxis take credit cards or only cash?   Is there public transportation such as buses or trains available near your choice of accommodation?   If you’re going out at night, plan your return trip carefully.


Most hotels also have private transportation options, and the hotel concierge can make the arrangements for you.


Travel scams will always be with us.


‘The spill on your clothes’


It will be nearly impossible to list every possible travel scam – even if we could, new ones are being thought out every day. So, please stay safe by researching potential travel scams beforehand so that at least you'll know what is going around. There are many resources on the Internet.


Our best advice? It is usually a scam if something is too good to be true or just too coincidental.  



There is always a happy reason to take a trip.   


At Refreshed Traveler, part of our mission is to make every trip you take happier and healthier.   


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