The Refreshed Traveler’s Tips for airline travel.

The Refreshed Traveler’s Tips for airline travel.


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Perhaps flying has been on your mind.   It might be that you are missing people far away or that you are just considering your options for future travel.  Still, flying can be stressful.   Making your flight on time, long layovers, crowded airports – and all these stressors can be worse because of Covid-19.   


Take note of our tips for airline travel!  


With The Refreshed Traveler, your flying experience can be as safe as you can possibly make it.   


Did you know?


Plane air is on your side during Covid-19.  


According to the CDC, viruses do not spread easily on flights due to the ventilation systems on modern aircraft.   In fact, cabin air is changed up to 25 times per hour, moving through filters that remove 99% of airborne particles.   


Between these filters and following cleanliness and safety protocols, your likelihood of contracting a virus on flights is extremely low.


So, why not plan that trip?


Here are our tips for flying


  • Go easy on yourself.Buy your ticket on the exact same name as it appears on your ID.   Why give the desk agent or security officer a reason to stop you and add more stress to your already full plate?   It is not apparent to everybody that Nicci is a nickname for Nicolene.


  • Snacks to hold you over.Apple slices, dried fruit, and protein bars can keep you feeling full and satisfied, while airport food is often overpriced and unhealthy.


  • A perfectly organized backpack or carry-on.   Keep your essential documents close so that you can easily find them.   Remember to check for innocent yet sharp items (Hello, nail scissors!) that can stall you at security.  Your cellphone charger, prescription medicine, and a change of clothes are also necessities for your carry-on.   But don’t lug around more than you need!    


  • Stockpile samples wherever you go.   From prescription creams to cosmetics, moisturizers, and toothpaste, these little packets take up much less space than regular-sized bottles.   For more ideas on what to pack, check out our sun safety kit


  • Bring your own blanket (and some disinfecting wipes).Airline blankets and pillows are not always super clean, and it might be wise to give your tray table a good wipe.   The Refreshed Traveler’s Plane It Safe kit or Travel Safety Kit™ have  everything you need to travel relaxed and protected.


  • Choose a middle-of-the-plane seat if you are prone to motion sickness.  A plane is like a seesaw.  If you are in the middle, you are likely to move less.


  • Opt for neutral colors when you pack.It makes it easy to switch things up should you need to change for dinner or the weather. Colorful outfits are harder to manage this way.


  • Check airport monitors.Don't use your smartphone as your only source of information for flight status updates.  Airport monitors give you the most up-to-date information.    Double-check your gate before you slog to the other side of the facility.   




Our last tip is not to give in to the unspoken pressures!


People often feel that they must visit a specific attraction or take 'that' photo while traveling.   We say, just like anything in life, this is your trip.   Be you.   


The same goes for plain-old classic airplane travel advice.    It can be confusing to get everyone’s perspectives, especially if you try and get advice from Google.  Some say, ‘Do this’ and others ‘Avoid this at any cost!’


At The Refreshed Traveler, we say travel tips are good, but always remember to listen to your gut.  Often, it is the only ‘advice’ that you need!