Top 10 travel tips from experienced travelers

Top 10 travel tips from experienced travelers

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Tips, tricks, and mistakes.  

We love to hear from seasoned travelers so that we, too, can travel like a pro.    Some travel mishaps can undoubtedly be avoided, while others are simply part of traveling. It is impossible to anticipate every scenario!


However, if one can keep a few simple things in mind, traveling can be easier.   (But remember, travel savviness also comes with time, so don’t be too hard on yourself.)


Our top ten tips for travel


Why do we need tips?


Travel tips can help you sleep better, meet locals, get off the beaten path or help you save money. Here is our list of actionable and perhaps not-so-obvious tips to help you make the most of your traveling explorations.  


#1 The important stuff


Keep a copy of your passport in a separate bag from your actual passport. Most of the time, you won't need it, but once you do, you'll be glad that you took the time to do it.   E-mail a copy to yourself, too.    


More important administrative stuff to remember is to buy travel insurance and alert your bank that you plan to travel. Separate your sources of money on your person and hide some cash or an alternative bank card away from your wallet.


#2 Make those lists but be flexible


Make lists of the things you are prone to forget – it is better to be safe than sorry!   But don't forget to also plan for a delay or two. Things that can go wrong sometimes will. On the other hand, if you leave some room for spontaneity, you'll feel better when it happens.   Also, unplanned moments in traveling make for the best memories!


#3 Pack light


You never need as many things as you think, and it is ok to wear the same jean or t-shirt two days in a row!   Quick-dry clothing is also fabulous if you are doing a lot of outdoor activities. Packing a sarong is always a good idea – it can be used as a skirt, a towel, or even a curtain.


If you travel with a partner, it is good to mix the personal items in your carry-on bags. Then, if one of your pieces of luggage should get lost, both of you will still have some clothes and personal items.


#4 Good shoes are essential


Need we say more? You walk a lot when you travel.   Look after your feet, and they will take you to amazing places.


#5 Stay hydrated


It may seem like fun to drink a few drinks at 30,000 feet, but you’ll feel it the next day.   It is easy to get dehydrated on long flights – why do it to yourself? You've paid a lot to go on vacation, it seems like a waste to spend the first day feeling unwell.    


Experienced travelers say to pack an empty water bottle that you can fill at your destination – it is often cheaper than buying bottled water.   Just make sure it is safe to drink tap water!


#6 The locals know best


Ask the locals at your destination to point out restaurants, the best coffee shops, or spots to watch the sunset.   Be open (but cautious) to strangers, they can often become friends.  The local tourism office can also be a big help, and they often offer discounts on transportation and attractions.  


#7 Ask for the upgrade


Hotels often have flexibility with rooms when you check in.   If the hotel isn't too full, they can usually accommodate an upgrade.   You won't know if you don't ask!


#8 Pack earplugs


You’ll never know when you get a heavy snorer in the hotel room next to you.   Standard foam earplugs can turn into the best item you travel with!   Why not try our version? 


#9 Visit historical sites at lunchtime


Most travelers head to lunch around midday. Plan your days against the flow to have the popular places to yourself.


#10 Walk five blocks before eating


The further away you are from the tourist areas, the better off you will be!   Most restaurants at travel destinations also offer specials during lunch, and it is often the same food you'll get at night, only cheaper. So it is way better to eat out at lunch rather than dinner.


Another good tip about eating is going grocery shopping and cooking your own food.   You'll learn much more about a place when you eat like the locals.


More top travel tips:


  • Learn some local phrases for the place you are going to.
  • Beware of free public Wi-Fi.
  • Someone at home must always know your plans.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Pack a small first aid kit with some essential medicines.
  • Always ask for prices before you agree to anything.
  • Pack a flashlight.
  • Take photos with people in it!
  • Don't rush. Travel slow.




We hope your next travel trip is super-efficient! Of course, Refreshed Traveller also has lots of products to make your next adventure go smoothly.   You can find all of our collections here.