Top 8 Travel Hacks for Health & Wellness

Top 8 Travel Hacks for Health & Wellness

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash




What is wellness?


We are made up of emotional, physical, social, and spiritual parts.   All the dimensions are interconnected, and ‘wellness’ is about how we decide to live our lives. To ‘live for wellness’ is intentional, holistic, and ongoing.   


It can get somewhat complicated when you are traveling and on the go! This blog highlights some hacks to help you make healthy choices while you are not at home.


Travel Hack #1 – Distinguish between traveling for work and traveling for pleasure.

Our top travel hack is to differentiate between traveling for fun and traveling for work.   


If you are on vacation, by all means, enjoy the local cuisine, an exotic drink or two, and skipping on your regular exercise routine.   However, if you are traveling for work – especially if you do so often - be stricter with yourself. Eat similarly to how you eat at home, make plans to exercise, and hold off from drinking too much.   


Travel Hack #2 – Your own snacks are always better.

Not only do you know what you are eating at all times, but you will be prone to spend less in airports and other travel stops. We've all been there where your options for healthy snacks are limited, so a great way to avoid this is to pack some wholesome snacks while you are on the go. Energy balls and trail mix are great choices.  


Travel Hack #3 – Lean, clean, and green.

Thus said, we won’t contest that airports have become more health-conscious in recent years.   There are some healthy options out there.   For our third hack, we recommend that you challenge yourself to eat something lean and green at least once a day while you are traveling.   Choose to sit down rather than grab-and-go and find some chicken, fish, or even a side salad for your meal. Make your gut happy by choosing fiber where you can, or take a probiotic supplement before you leave home.


Travel Hack #4 – Keep on sanitizing.

After Covid-19, we all know how to sanitize and keep ourselves relatively germ-free. However, there are many more transmittable diseases out there that you can keep track of.   It is, therefore, an excellent idea to keep some sanitizer or wipes on hand as a staple while you travel. Anti-bacterial sanitizing wipes are also an excellent alternative for a quick wipe-down when showering isn’t an immediate option!


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Travel Hack #5 – Be active!

Why not make it part of your new travel hacks to choose exercise consciously? Pack your exercise gear and travel in your runners to save space in your suitcase. Power walking around the airport is a great way to fit in a workout while waiting to board your flight.


Travel Hack #6 – Keep yourself hydrated.

Usually, you must go through airport security before you are allowed to have water with you.   Pack a reusable water bottle in your hand luggage and fill it up as soon as possible.   It depends, of course, where you are because tap water is not safe everywhere. However, in the US, it is the easiest solution for avoiding non-eco-friendly water bottles and staying hydrated.

Travel Hack #7 – Traveling equals walking.


Achy and sore feet are real while traveling because we walk so much more than at home.   Next time when you have sore feet after a long day of sightseeing, remember this hack:   First, elevate. Put your feet up. Then, put a stone (maybe one you search for on the first day?) between your feet and a smooth surface. Use the stone to stimulate the feet by rolling it back and forth against the wall. You'll feel better in no time!


Travel Hack #8 – Sleep enough.

A good rest always goes a long way.   Your body can take only so much.   So, make sure you sleep enough to face each new adventurous day well-rested.   It might seem obvious, but be honest: how often have you returned from a holiday dead-tired and wished for some time to recover?



Traveling opens the mind.   


Be sure to make the best of your next travel experience by being mindful of your mental and physical wellness.   Try to have positive conversations with family and friends about how they go about it while on the go – it may prompt even more strategies for staying healthy and well while traveling.


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