What does Omicron mean for me when I travel?

What does Omicron mean for me when I travel?

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Hello Omicron,

We’ve all changed during the past two years. We learned new ways of doing our jobs, eating out, and caring for our children. We even travel differently.   


Pew Research Center has been doing research over the past year, asking Americans about their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic.   Over 30% of Americans said that they are now limited in what they can do and how they can use their free time. They feel they are 'stuck at home' – sometimes isolated but primarily unable to enjoy their everyday routines.   


And when we thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel, Omicron came along, and the government tightened travel regulations again.


Where we are now

How does traveling look under Omicron?

Anyone entering the United States of America by plane is now required to test for Covid within 24 hours before leaving their home country. The testing time frame applies to everyone:  vaccinated or not and regardless of nationality.   Still, you must be fully vaccinated if you travel to the US.


Should you be an unvaccinated American or legal resident, you can enter the country under the one-day-testing timeframe.   


The virus spreads more easily among people indoors, therefore, the testing is only for air travel where it is possible to infect many people quickly, should you have Covid in its Omicron variant. All people older than two years of age must be tested.


Of course, everyone must still wear masks in airports and all other modes of public transport. There are no requirements to be tested or to quarantine after you’ve arrived in America.


Any viral test counts.   It can be an antigen test or a NAAT test, including HDA, TMA, NEAR, RT-LAMP, or RT-PCR. Rapid antigen tests are also acceptable if they meet the requirements for a viral test. At-home tests can be used if they meet the US Food and Drug Administration’s conditions.


How exact is the 24-hour requirement?  


The CDC policy actually states, ‘one day before departure.’ It gives you more flexibility and is easier to understand. For example, say your flight is at 5 pm on Thursday, you could have taken your test any time on Wednesday, the previous calendar day.


What if I’ve had Covid recently?


A positive test


It is possible to test positive for Covid and Omicron for up to three months after being sick.   


If you already know you’ve had Covid, a showing of your previous positive test result is acceptable if it is at least 14 days old (and your isolation is therefore complete) and if you took it within the last 90 days. A licensed health professional must also state in a letter that it is ok for you to travel.




Refreshed Traveler wants to make your traveling experience as safe, healthy, and enjoyable as possible.  Stay informed. We believe knowing your destination, the weather, and what is going on with Covid-19 and the rules and regulations in the regions/area.  If you are traveling internationally, please check with the State Department: https://travel.state.gov 


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