Why we love Football

Why we love Football


Nail-biting action

It is almost that time of the year again.   American Football fans will be gathering soon on Sundays in football stadiums across the nation – sitting on the edge of their seats, biting their nails.


We all know that every play can be meaningful for the outcome of the season.   We love Football because it is the only sport that grabs your attention this time of year and just won't let go for weeks.


More reasons to love the Football Season


  • The rivalry.  Rivalries in football are so intense!   After all, the point of the game is to hit the other team in the mouth as hard as you can. So in football, a dogfight is always not very far off, adding to the half-crazed excitement of thousands of fans. Whether its College or Pro football, the rivalries run deep.


  • Intriguing defense.  In football, defense play can impact a game so robustly that it makesthe game.  In all other sports games, the defense can lead to scoring opportunities, but the defense can simply score all by itself in football.   Of course, offense play is king, but a defensive touchdown in football can jack up the adrenaline in a stadium like nothing else.


  • The Superbowl & College Bowl Season.  Need we say more? Seriously, no other sport can compete with Super Sunday.  Before that, we’re treated to a month-long battle of the best college football teams and players in the country showing off their talents, representing their schools and providing fans with moments that are remembered for a lifetime.


  • The rise of the underdog.Football has some great stories.   Quarterback Kurt Warner, for example, was bagging groceries before the St. Louis Rams called him up.   Eventually, Warner won the Super Bowl in 2000 and led the Arizona Cardinals to fame in a stunning appearance in 2009 Superbowl and 2 NFL MVP Awards.  Or last season, we had SEC soccer champion Sarah Fuller make history as the first female student-athlete to score in a major conference college football game.  And who can forget the 2008 New York Giants epic comeback against the undefeated New England Patriots defeating them 17-14.   


  • Football IS America.Football represents glory, the absurd and the contradictory, patriotism, and brash, foul play at its best.   Americans live for football at this time of year, and we won’t have it any other way!


Don’t get to cozy this football season


Fun times and gatherings


American Football gets played over the winter months, which means that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day are part of the season.  The sport goes hand in hand with fun family times and watching the game with friends, but also the changing of the season.   


In our minds, the football season is the prelude to the holidays, and we get in the mood from the very first game.   However, Covid-19 is still with us, and it remains a concern as the 2021/2022 American Football season kicks off.


Covid-19 in the play


Sadly, as we’ve learned during the past two years, Covid can upend plans when we least expect it. Last-minute changes are tough on players but also on coaches and fans.   Here at the Refreshed Traveler, we hope that everyone will practice safe protocols so that we can keep the virus under control and the scheduled games can still take place.


Rules for the College & NFL season


Safety protocols


With the football season on the horizon, the rules vary by state and club.  Most clubs are requiring non-players must be vaccinated and the league is pushing all players to get vaccinated or pay the consequences if they don’t.  The NBA has gone a step further and is requiring players and league personal be vaccinated to play.  Certain locations have required for all home games, strict health and safety protocols for fans.  Cities of San Francisco & New York City have been announced that all fans over twelve years must be vaccinated to be allowed to a game or have a negative test no older than 48 hours on hand.  Going to a game isn’t as simple as it used to be.  




Protect yourself at the game

Covid-19 has impacted so much of life already– and now the reality is that it is affecting the football season this year.   Vaccinated or not vaccinated, the virus can still spread and make people sick, and stadiums packed with 80,000 people make the need for extra precaution necessary.   


Refreshed Traveler gives you an option to safeguard yourself and your loved ones this football season.   


With our high-quality PPE product in a simple Grab & Go™ solution you can make sure that you’re protected come game time.   Our new Stadium Safety Kit, is perfect for everyone this season and contains antibacterial wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and a (2) 4-ply carbon filtered wrapped face masks in a stadium approved clear bag. (See the kit here.)


Having all your Covid-essentials together in one convenient kit when you head out the door to the stadium or a friend’s house.   We also have a bulk Health Group solution that can be distributed among friends and family heading out to a game.   


Please, be safe this football season!   Don’t let the game you love be the reason to lose a loved one.   We all need each other to fight this pandemic together.


Have fun, Cheer on and Stay Safe with a Stadium Safety Kit this football season!







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Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash