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Life is a journey; from the adventures of youth to the joys of retirement, we are all travelers in this journey of life.  Now more than ever we live in extraordinary times: a global pandemic, growing population, prevalence of social media, each making this a much smaller world.  Never has the world been so connected, literally and figuratively.  At Refreshed Traveler we are passionate about making travel better, one trip at a time.  

Refreshed Traveler products provide convenience, comfort and safety for people who want to stay healthy on the go with high quality, TSA compliant and FDA approved products.  We were born out of the demand to meet the challenges travelers’ face.  Time our most precious resource.  To save travelers time, money by offering a convenient Travel Kit that you can Grab & Go.  

Travel Healthy - Arrive Refreshed

Our first solution, Plane It Safe - Travel Safety Kit is designed for travelers to protect them from head to toe, keeping them healthy and safe every step of the way.  From 4-ply carbon filter individually wrapped face masks, antibacterial wet wipes, hand sanitizer and tissues, this kit was designed to keep you healthy and safe on the go.

Each travel kit contains the highest quality products, that are TSA compliant, and FDA approved. Quality and excellence ensure every Refreshed Traveler product meets our stringent standards of excellence.  Refreshed Traveler and its family of Travel Kits offer travelers comfort, convenience and peace of mind.  

Finally, time there is a brand to meet the needs of the most sophisticated traveler. Customized Travel Safety Kits can be designed on our site, ordered through a monthly subscription and provide travelers with the products they want, need and demand to travel healthy and arrive refreshed!