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Refreshed Traveler Proves Timing is Everything

Apopka PPE kit maker Refreshed Traveler sees demand skyrocket during pandemic

Orlando Business Review Journal

Created to Help Others

April 05, 202 - WFTV ABC Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. — Peter Cook is the CEO and Founder of “Refreshed Traveler,” a company that makes patented travel kits that are airline and arena compliant.

ABC News Orlando
  • The year of 2017 brought Peter Cook the “trifecta of terrible.” He and his wife mutually decided to separate, his younger brother Andrew tragically drowned while on vacation, and he lost his marketing and sales job. When Peter and his family traveled to Santiago, Chile, for his brother’s funeral, he decided to make a change. After hearing the inspirational stories of how his brother had helped his community, Peter realized just how large his brother’s heart was.

    Alumnus Spotlight: Peter Cook ’98 
  • In 2017, after the tragic drowning death of his younger brother Andrew, Cook felt an overwhelming desire to continue his sibling’s legacy of helping others. He soon founded Largest Heart, a nonprofit with a mission to spread hope, love and knowledge, one opportunity at a time. The organization helps those battling and/or affected by addiction and suicide by providing funding for therapy. As Cook notes, “So many of us have been affected by addiction or suicide, in some way. It’s just not talked about enough.”  The majority of the funding for the organization is provided by Cook’s own for-profit company, Refreshed Traveler

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