The RT Difference

Born as Plane It Safe in 2018, we soon discovered that our company name was a little too tongue in cheek. A little too cheeky. Even Google autocorrected it. A fun play on words and too many ways to spell BUT it spoke to what we do: make the BEST travel health & wellness products on earth!

Who we are, is Refreshed Traveler: a company dedicated to making traveling a happier and healthier experience. Whether it's a short flight or long flight, sporting event or concert, cruise or road trip, we believe better quality products keep you healthy which is why we invented the Travel Safety Kit (TSK). With the world's best health and wellness products the TSK is protected by 4 trademarks, 2 published utility patents #15/931,044 & 16/869,409 and one design patent.

Carbon Filter Difference

Refreshed Traveler's Specialized Carbon Filter 4-Ply Face Masks

Our specialized activated carbon filter fabric with increased microporosity and absorbency creates a more effective filtration system for safety and greater protection.

Branded per FDA regulations &
requirements prior to Covid-19. They are individually wrapped & sealed to keep clean and sanitary. With Refreshed Traveler's activated carbon filter technology, they are todays perfect face mask.

Orlando Business Review Journal

Tired of Cracked Hands?

Ouch, the pain and burn of putting hand sanitizer on cracked and chapped hands? With Covid-19, winter weather, flu season and now Omicron it made frequent daily use a necessary to keep healthy.

Our hand sanitizer is customized formulated to not only kills germs but moisturize with EXTRA aloe and EXTRA Vitamin E. It is the perfect hand sanitizer with 64% alcohol and extra moisturizers to use all day, every day and not worry about chapped or cracked hands.

Eco-friendly - TSA Approved Travel Bags

Sleek, flexible and go anywhere unnoticed & hassle free. TSA Approved. Our eco-friendly, butterfly inspired design travel bag with it's double gusset corners and reinforced nylon zipper proves you can mix functionality with purpose. Measures 9” x 6” x 1.5

10% of proceeds are committed to Largest Heart (100% give model focused on mental heatlh) the non-profit we were founded to support. We are located in Orlando Florida, are Diversity Certified & sold internationally.

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Maria tells us

"Refreshed Travelers face masks make me feel the safest with the 4 layers and carbon filter. Plus, they are the most comfortable and durable masks that I can wear for that long period of time each day. I just LOVE them!"

Today's #1 Travel Essentials & So Much More

Eco-friendly, Plant Based, Biodegradable, Diversity Certified (DOBE), Made in America, 10% Profits to Charity